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Professional Service Organization Products


Firm Focus ™

Firm Focus

BigSquare’s Firm Focus provides your firm stakeholders with an easy to use, comprehensive one-stop shop for managing their book of business. The reliable and insightful information obtained through this application allows your stakeholders to obtain a competitive advantage.

BigSquare’s enhanced Profitability application allows your end-users the ability to easily perform profitability analysis on the dimensions that matter at your firm. All you need is an internet browser and you can slice and dice a library of profitability related metrics against key firm dimensions...

PowerCube Reporting ™

PowerCube Reporting

Making data accessible like never before, PowerCube Reporting delivers top-grade reporting information to various users within your organization in a seamless, easy-to-use spreadsheet interface.

BigSquare PowerCube Reporting enables firm administrators and power users alike to glean invaluable data insights from your time and billing system, as well as peripheral systems.  Providing a robust reporting interface, PowerCube elegantly navigates the balance between power and simplicity.

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